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Stations of the Cross

About Stations of the Cross

Wesley Uniting Church in the City, one of Perth’s oldest and most iconic churches, is pleased to introduce you to the forthcoming 2017 Stations of the Cross Art Exhibition.

Proudly supported by the City of Perth, the Exhibition has become an annual tradition for Wesley Uniting Church and also a significant event within the Art Community.

Running for the 8th year, the Exhibition is curated by Claire Bushby and will feature newly commissioned artworks by fifteen Western Australian contemporary artists.  

The artists, representing some of our finest creative talent, have been invited to participate in this year’s event which features newly created artworks, specially commissioned for the show.

The fifteen artworks correspond to the traditional story of Easter and the ritual of the 'Stations of the Cross'. While pertaining to a religious narrative, participating artists each interpret a single 'station' through their personal and unique understanding of Easter and the human experiences and themes that underlie it. 

This year, the commissioned artists - who hail from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds - were asked to focus on the embodiment of humanity within their works and to engage in interfaith dialogue by exploring universal human experiences such as loss, grief, oppression and mortality. Through a variety of art forms - including painting, sculpture, and textiles - the exhibition bridges between sacred stories and the issues and events that are present in our contemporary world.

Stations of the Cross 2017 will feature artworks by: 

- Nathan Beard
- Celene Bridge
- Kristi Chua Pinjes
- Mel Dare
- Moira de la Hunty
- Eva Fernandez
- Fiona Gavino
- Jina Lee 
- Lia McKnight
- Marziya Mohammedali
- Gregory Pryor
- Harrison See
- Marek Szyler
- Emily ten Raa
- Jana Wallace Braddock

Stations of the Cross in the media

To listen to an interview the ABC Radio did with Rev Craig Collas, Claire Bushby, and artists Marziya Mohammedali and Nathan Beard please click here.
To view a video Sonshine FM put together click here

Exhibition Dates

Saturday 8 April to Monday 17 April, 9am to 5pm daily. Entry is free.

The exhibition will be officially opened by Professor Ted Snell, Director of the Cultural Precinct at the University of Western Australia on Friday 7 April.  

Minister’s Welcome

Much of modern life is mediated to us through the media. This calls for an alternative reflection on what it truly means to be human. I believe that the Arts provide this; and it is this alternative reflection that ultimately frees us. It is my hope that as you journey through these collected works on the theme of Jesus’ last day you may encounter your very own alternative narrative, and recognize that you are among fellow travelers. These works invite us to see the story of Christ’s death and resurrection as encountered in 21st century Australia.

In the eighth year of the Stations of the Cross exhibition, we are celebrating. Thousands have come to reflect on this story as mediated to them through the artist’s work. As you walk around, you will see a broad representation of the Passion of Christ. I hope that these metaphors and images inspire you to give the definition of ‘humanity’ a broader expression in your own life, as well as in the arts community.

Claire Bushby has done a wonderful job in curating this exhibition, and I thank her for her wisdom, insight, dedication, and passion. Thanks also to Donald Nicholas for his tireless work in managing the Stations of the Cross with vision and heart. To the artists, who offered part of themselves as they contributed their gifts and insights—my deepest thanks.

As we take this journey, I find myself challenged to look to the real—to what is beyond the hype that disfigures much of our public dialogues. To look, and not turn away from the self-interest and privilege that denies the very existence of the other. The alternative reflections of the Stations of the Cross will enable the viewer to be the person they are called and created to be.

It is my hope that we will become a community of hope. Our journey from here will make a difference in this world, because we have contacted something deep in ourselves that speaks of freedom, purpose, and the joy of life.

Grace and Peace
Rev Craig Collas

Curator’s note

Over the past eight years, the Stations of the Cross at Wesley Uniting Church has developed a strong reputation in the Perth visual arts landscape. I have the honour of curating the exhibition for the second time in a row this year.

It is an opportunity for the public to see a selection of newly commissioned artworks by some of Western Australia’s leading established contemporary artists alongside top emerging artists coming out of our art schools.

I believe that the importance of this exhibition hinges on its ability to bring a historically significant, religious observation into the present day. The story of Jesus is one of God entering the realm of flesh and blood to become human, and the physical experiences this entails. The Stations each deal with challenging subjects that are broadly relatable and rooted in human experience—such experiences as loss, grief, discrimination, humiliation, the moments when we are called to empathy and compassion, and ultimately our capability for transformation and hope.

This year I attempted to embrace the fifteen stations as platforms that would stimulate multi-faith, cross-cultural, and contemporary dialogue. This is something I believe to be extremely important, particularly in religious spaces today due to global conflict often driven by intolerances of each other's faiths and culture.

Inviting WA artists with diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs to spend time contemplating and creating artworks that respond to the fifteen Stations is a courageous; much needed engagement by Wesley Uniting Church with the wider Perth community. It demonstrates commitment to opening varied and inclusive dialogues about contemporary issues people everywhere are experiencing personally, politically and spiritually in 2017.

Claire Bushby
Stations of the Cross Curator

The Stations

Station 1: Jesus is Condemned to Die - Marziya Mohammedali
Station 2: Jesus Carries His Cross - Mel Dare
Station 3: Jesus Falls the First Time - Jina Lee
Station 4: Jesus Meets His Mother - Nathan Beard
Station 5: Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry His Cross - Harrison See
Station 6: Veronica Wipes Jesus' Face - Kristi Chua Pinjes
Station 7: Jesus Falls the Second Time - Lia McKnight
Station 8: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem - Emily ten Raa
Station 9: Jesus Falls the Third Time - Fiona Gavino
Station 10: Jesus is Stripped - Marek Szyler
Station 11: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross (The Crucifixion) - Jana Wallace Braddock
Station 12: Jesus Dies on the Cross - Celene Bridge
Station 13: Jesus' Body is Taken Down from the Cross - Eva Fernandez
Station 14: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb (The Deposition or Lamentation) - Gregory Pryor
Station 15: Jesus Rises from Death (The Resurrection) - Moira de la Hunty

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