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Portrait Painting 1J

Tutor: James Tinsley

The course's principle aim is to demystify the portrait painting process and make it an accessible and enjoyable exercise for the student whether they have painted before or not. 

Painting a portrait is a great way to record friends, family and those around you.

This course will take students through the steps of painting a portrait, gaining skills and confidence in colour mixing, observation and painting techniques under the guide of an experienced tutor. 

The course aims for students to gain confidence and achieve a finished portrait no matter the level of experience or style. 

Starting with the principles of colour mixing using a minimal colour palette, students will build up a portrait from photo sources.  The focus of this course is on painting and observation, so students do not need to be a master draughtsman or drawer first.

The first half of the course students will work off an image supplied by the tutor.  Students will transfer (i.e. trace) this image to the canvas, learn to mix and match colours to the photo source and apply paint. 

The students may then choose to continue to finish off the painting for the second half of the course, or select their own image using principles of image selection for portrait painting explained to them during the first few weeks and go through the process again for another painting.

During the process of painting, explanations of facial proportions, tips and tricks will be covered. 

Materials list available.

Suitable for: All skill levels

Level 1, Trinity Arcade, 72 St George's Tce, Perth WA 6000

Phone: 08 9483 1333